gssp fertilizer manfacturer

GSSP Manufacturer and Supplier

OUR GSSP Plant (Granulated Single Super phosphate Plant) is extensively used in the industry of fertilizers. Which could be used for complementary fertilizer, base fertilizer, and seed fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, and biofertilizer. These are basic materials to manufacture compound fertilizers. Additionally, our GSSP Plant can synthesize nitrogen, sulphur, calcium, and silicon elements. Here Nitrogen (N) promotes the growth of plants, Phosphorus (P) Promotes good roots to your plants, and Potassium is beneficial for your whole plant. And these materials help to grow fast and provides good nutrients to the soil which has been taken care of by our GSSP manufacturer and supplier.

The Process Of Manufacturing Of Granulated Single Super Phosphate(GSSP):

The homogeneous mass is then prepared in the granulator drum which is turned into low RPM. The material runs up with the mass of the granulator for some tallness and which later on starts moving back. And with a fine shower of water here begins the procedure of granulation where the material moves on and the granulation measure increments. With the assistance of the transport line, this material is exchanged for a dryer drum. Furnace connected to the dryer helps to create some hot air which is made to go through this wet material. Some of the vanishing & buildup of water gets kept on the little granules to upgrade the granules extent which further helps the hot air stream material to get dried. Some of the cooled material is exchanged to the screens which help to uproot it larger than usual & undersize granules from the item. The larger than usual granules subsequent to pounding &  For reprocessing the undersize granules are blended with crude food which also helps the plant to manage air contamination.

Our products come with certain feature such as:

  • High functionality
  • Robust construction
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Easy to operate 

Thus, the Valiya group of GSSP manufacturers and suppliers provides you with a deliberate amount of the cured GSSP and organic fertilizers like Labsa fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, single super phosphate, rock phosphate fertilizers. Our expert teams always focused to provide the best gssp and organic fertilizer to clients and industries on time.