Valiya group is the largest unit of bio-fertilizer manufacturer, importers, and distributors all over  India that builds a broad and well-organized chain. Our goal is to solve all soil problems to help farmers to grow quality soil and crops.

Future of BIO FERTILIZER IN INDIA: -As we all know that, the cost of fossil fuels is increasing day by day along with the cost of chemical fertilizers as well, therefore Biofertilizer is a great option because it is biodegradable and harmless therefore non-harmful to nature. 



Biofertilizer is a substance that contains living micro-organism that includes nutrients and this microorganism helps seeds and plants to increase the quality and growth of plants. These nutrients are ecologically sustainable which do not harm the soil and enhance the quality of the soil. There are such types of biofertilizers as

1. Rhizobium,



4.Blue-green algae (BGA)

What is the use of BIOFERTILIZER ?? 

A biofertilizer is used in agriculture to avoid harmful chemicals in farming, such bio substances commonly used in the production of staple crops such as rice, dal, etc. they increase productivity and are also used for the production of commercial crops such as cotton, sugarcane, etc.  A key feature of biofertilizer is that it helps to improve the growth of plants and the fertility of the soil, directing an improvement in the farmers’ economic conditions. 

Being the best fertilizer manufacturer we produce eco-friendly fertilizers that provide protection to crops and hence prevent the diseases such as cancer, skin issues, etc. Biofertilizers can be used for crops, rice, vegetables, and fruits according to your requirements. They are cheaper, pollution-free, and fall in renewable energy resources.

Why are we the best bio-fertilizer manufacturer and why choose our bio-fertilizers?

1. We resolve all the issues regarding the substance supply.

2.Every product manufactured by us is eco-friendly product and pocket-friendly for customers.

3.Using our products is safe because there is no side effect as it is expert verified.

4.We only use items that are proven productive and that follow sound scientific principles.

5.Our team believes in delivering the products on time with perfection.