Fertilizer is a material, which can be a natural fertilizer or industrial (synthetic) fertilizer. Fertilizers are applied to soil or plant tissue for faster and better growth. Valiya group of industries is one of the leading fertilizer manufacturer companies. Here we work on the best fertilizers provided to our clients, From the last many years we are manufacturing the best fertilizers used for plants, Farming, and commercial gardening. Here our technical and experienced team research on fertilizers, how can we provide good fertilizers to others for their plants? Here we manufacture various types of fertilizers in our unit such as:

Liquid Fertilizers

Ideally, liquid fertilizer is used for all kinds of plants. As it contains vermicompost, vermicast, steamed bone meal, and mustard cake powder, and etc. No chemical is added to this solution. Therefore, we can use it in any kind of plant, And it can also be used as a foliar spray. Liquid fertilizers are the fastest way to grow your plants. This process is much effective

Bio Fertilizer

A Biofertilizer or Bio-fertilizer is a micro-organism that includes nutrients, And these micro-organisms, or nutrients, helps seeds and plants in their growth and long life. And these fertilizers are used for plant growth and it’s an eco-friendly substance that provides organic agro-input to the plants. There are several types of Biofertilizers such as: 

  • Rhizobium, 
  • Azotobacter, 
  • Azospirillum 
  • blue-green algae (BGA)

Organic fertilizer

Organic Fertilizers occur from human and animal waste. And these are mainly used in commercial farming, and the plantation process. Some organic fertilizers are extracted from Rock phosphate minerals. The main organic fertilizer is:

Manure for plants comes from cow, sheep, horse waste. And it has many organic matters present in it and has low nutrients. Manure is called a complete fertilizer. And the best benefit of organic fertilizers is they work slow, as the process takes time to release nutrients to soil and plants.

Chemical fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers are also called nitrogenous as it contains nitrogen. It’s a synthetic compound created specifically to increase harvesting. Chemical fertilizer often contains ammonium phosphate, nitro phosphate, and nutrients. Chemical fertilizers are best in the field growing maximum crop yield on specific areas of land. If Chemical fertilizers are used correctly then it has the best efficiency of growing plants and this is an incredibly cost-effective substance as well. But access to chemical fertilizer can ruin the whole crop yield.

Thus valiya group of industries is the leading fertilizer manufacturer and supplier thus we have completed 25 years of milestones in this industry and our expert team always focused to provide the best fertilizers and services to customers and clients.

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