Valiya group of industries is one of the best Chemical Fertilizer Manufacturer across the country. Chemical fertilizers contain too much fertilizer value of one particular species that the plants do not need, which the plants cannot absorb and which eventually leach out to a large extent and end up in our drinking water. Chemical fertilizer is used to increase the plant’s growth and use to increase the quantity of crop yield.¬†chemical fertilizers often contain a mix of ammonium phosphate, nitro phosphate, potassium, and other nutrients.

With fertilizers, you get top growth for a while. They can make a bad garden or lawn look beautiful much more quickly, but it is short-lived. Because the roots are unable to absorb all that fertilizer.

Moreover, you get weak plants or turf due to the rapid growth, which in turn creates other problems. Due to the high concentration of fertilizer, the roots can “burn” and eventually produce a toxic concentration of salts in the soil.

chemical fertilizer manufacturer

Fertilizer contributes 0% to the improvement of the soil. Because fertilizers include high concentrated mineral salts, then Chemical fertilizer is able to kill many of the soil organisms responsible for decomposition and soil formation. As a result, the soil gradually loses its organic matter and microbiological activity. As soon as this material runs out, the soil structure breaks down, becomes lifeless, compact, and less able to retain water and nutrients. The result is quite clear, you will have to use more and more fertilizers to still be able to harvest something or to keep the same lawn.

Thus valiya group of industries is one of the biggest chemical fertilizer manufacturer in India that always have one to goal to provide the best chemical to the farmer to grow their cultivation and enhance the growth of their plants and economic condition also.