The liquid fertilizers that we can buy everywhere consist of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, In some cases, some trace elements have also been added such as copper, zinc, iron, manganese, or magnesium. Trace elements are also available as a single foliar fertilizer. Professional gardeners use this, as a hobby gardener you absolutely do not need this. It is better than using lava flour so that you also add a lot of trace elements to the soil. And valiya group is a liquid fertilizer manufacturer and supplier that provides nutrients to your plants.

The nitrogen in common liquid fertilizers is wholly or partly of chemical origin. And that is precisely the difference with our Vega N6 which consists purely of nitrogen (a simple fertilizer) and is also entirely of vegetable origin.

The most common method of applying liquid fertilizers to plants is through their roots. The liquid fertilizers are mixed with water and poured in a watering can or sprayed with a sprayer. An alternative and increasingly used method is foliar feeding. The liquid fertilizer is also dissolved in water and then sprayed on the leaves of plants.

The benefits of foliar feeding are many:

  • Up to 500 times more effective than soil spraying.
  • Nutrients are immediately absorbed by plants, so you will see results quickly.
  • Provides elements, such as iron, when they are not available in the ground.

Liquid fertilizers are often used to help plants during critical times, such as after transplanting, while growing fruit, or during periods of drought or high temperatures. By the way, Oenosan is a lime fertilizer that, as a foliar fertilizer, ensures that watering can be reduced by 70% if you give it regularly to the plants. Foliar feeding can be given every month or every two weeks during the growing season. The best times to apply foliar spray are early in the morning and evening when liquids are quickly absorbed.

Choosing the right liquid fertilizer manufacturer is very useful for you. You can combine urea, ammonium, and nitrate nitrogen in any ratio without limitation. This makes it possible to control the speed at which, for example, ou nitrogen is available to the plant and absorbed. Nitrate, for example, is easily absorbed by the plant, which gives fast growth. Urea and ammoniacal nitrogen have a slower effect, which means that these nitrogen forms are released over a longer growth period. 

Practical benefits  of liquid fertilizers:

A good fertilizer spreader or a wide sprayer can contribute to the decision. On obsolete plots, it is simply not possible to achieve a good distribution with a fertilizer spreader without overlap. Precision fertilization by means of a GPS-controlled field sprayer is ideal for this. If growers also want to use the GBM spray paths to spread fertilizer, the spreading widths can be up to 45 meters. Accurate spreader adjustment is difficult to spread on such widths. Liquid fertilizers, on the other hand, can be accurately dosed, both along the edge of the field and over large widths.