First of all, we will discuss what SSP fertilizer is.? 

 SSP fertilizer is widely used in soil preparation because it has a large concentration of over 15 %water, 12 % sulphur, and 21 %calcium, which is beneficial to soil development and enhances the growth and fertility of the soil that helps plants to grow effectively. valiya group is the leading manufacturer and supplier of single super phosphate {SSP}. Our goal is to provide the best SSP fertilizer to Indian farmers to help them cultivate the best fertility soil in India. Since 40% of India’s soils lack sulphur, SSP treats the deficiency and facilitates greater plant growth.


SSP fertilizers are widely classified in three major nutrients are:-

1. Nitrogen { N } : Promotes growth 

2.Potassium { K } : Benefits the whole plant 

3.Phosphorus{ P } : promotes good roots 

phosphate rock + sulphuric acid = single superphosphate

Advantages for SSP fertilizer for your cultivation

1. Cheaper than other fertilizers, therefore small and medium farmers can afford it.

2. A fertilizer with many nutrients for your plants.

3. Indian soils and plants receive 15% of their phosphorus requirements from SSP fertilizer.

4. contains calcium and sulphur, which give your soil its shape and structure.

5. Can be stored for 3-6 months.

6. Can be used in a wide range of situations.

Why choose us? 

Valiya group of industries is always dedicated to provide the best ssp fertilizers to you and our motto is to contribute to better farming and our experts are always focused on manufacturing the best fertilizer which has no harmful side effects to your farm.