A proper guide on how to use rock phosphate in your garden. 

First of all, We will talk about what is rock phosphate fertilizer?

Organic rock phosphate is a mined deposit containing phosphorus that can be manufactured with the right amounts of nutrients so that your garden gets good nutrition and can grow stronger, healthier, and faster. It is common to use for fruits and vegetable plants which is the best feature of this organic fertilizer that will give you a big reward early in the season. Thus we are the best hub of Rock Phosphate Manufacturer and Supplier. Valiya Group provides the rock phosphate in both forms in crushed form and solid form also. Our experts are always there to suggest to you the best form of rock phosphate for your cultivation. to increase soil fertility and we are committed to shipping the customer product on time.

rock phosphate manufacturer

Secondly, how to use it properly in your cultivation and make it more beneficial;


1. To absorb full nutrients to pants you need acidic soil with PH levels above 5.5.


2. Always include this organic fertilizer in the soil before planting.


3. Use only 10pouds (4.5Kg) per 100sq ft so you can utilize fertilizer more effectively.


4. Use bets rock phosphate from reputed companies that will not cause any damage to your 



Although Rock phosphate price is very affordable and easy to afford as it is budget friendly. and thus we have been in this business for 25 years, we have succeeded to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of rock phosphate and offer our customers the top-quality fertilizer that has been improved by our experts. So farmers can improve their economic condition so they can grow healthier crops.