Valiya Group is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of LINEAR ALKYL BENZENE SULPHONIC ACID {labsa} in India. We supply a high amount of labsa per day with our advanced technological infrastructure. The Valiya group is equipped with high-tech machinery, tools, and chemicals so it enables us to manufacture a bulk supply of labsa. 

What is linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid? 

Labsa is the largest volume synthetic surfactant because it is cost-effective, reliable, biodegradable, and hence good performance. Lab sulphonic acid and chemicals are widely used to produce all ranges of domestic products like washing powder, detergent, dishwasher, soaps, and many more. It is also used to manufacture liquid cleaners for industries and households because labsa contains low salt content and miscibility of law water.  

Uses of linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid {Labsa}:- 

1.It is used in an anionic specialty formulation.

2.In the textile and automobile industries, labsa is commonly used as a cleaning factor.

3. As it is the main factor in all forms of domestic products.

4.It is also used in pesticides, making it’s quality even better.

Advantages of LABSA 

Labsa is the cheapest and the lowest price in comparison to labsa96%. labsa has 5-6% free acid which is commonly found in detergent powders. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Labsa, we have acquired 25 years of experience in our industry, making us well qualified to provide the best services to our customers.