Sulphuric acid is an oily colorless liquid that is soluble in water and releases heat widely used to manufacture organic fertilizers and chemicals thus iron and steel and many more. Sulphuric acid used in the manufacturer of fertilizers for agriculture because sulphuric acid helps to manufacture the superphosphate fertilizers which helps in soil development and increases soil fertility. Hence valiya group is the leading sulphuric acid manufacturer and supplier in Udaipur ( India ). We supply a deliberate amount of cured sulphuric acid per day with our advanced technology and techniques. Our expert team always focused to provide the best sulphuric acid to the industries and clients on time.

sulphuric acid manufacturer and supplier

Advantages of sulphuric acid:-

1. Sulphuric acid widely used in large vehicle battery including car batteries, tractors, and trucks. The battery creates power between lead and sulphuric acid. Together they generate voltage for the battery for its long life.

2. Sulphuric acid used in domestic products:- As dirt cleaner as a toilet cleaner, floor cleaner and ideal for the drain unblocked as we had talked earlier sulphuric acid produces heat and thus when it mixes with water it helps to cut through the drain blocker. thus just be careful not to contact this acid.

3. Iron and steel making:- Sulphuric acid used to manufacture iron, steel, and copper thus it prevents oxidation before it plated with tin and zinc.

Hence, we have succeeded to become the leading sulphuric acid manufacturer and supplier in Udaipur ( India ) and offer our customers top-quality sulphuric acid that has been improved by our experts.