DCP Manufacturer And Supplier

Valiya Bhoomi phosphate unites DCP Manufacturer and supplier, importers, and distributors. This means that we are broad and well organized in the chain, whereby production and distribution offer direct employment to approximately 2,000 people and indirectly to approximately 6,000 people. In the past 10 years, producers invested a billion rupees in new ‘high-tech’ installations.

Di-calcium phosphate (DCP) molecular formula is CaHPO4. It is also known as calcium phosphate dibasic or calcium mono-hydrogen phosphate. It’s used to increase the quantity of calcium in the human body, increasing milk production. So DCP is used mainly in food additives. Di-calcium phosphate can be used to supplement phosphorus and calcium in feed processing. Since the ratio of phosphorus to calcium in animal bones is closest and it can be completely dissolved in animal stomach acid, food grade calcium hydrogen phosphate is one of the best mineral additives recognized at home and abroad.

Application of di-calcium phosphate:

Udaipur Phosphate – Valiya Group, is one of the leading DCP manufacturers and suppliers across the country. Di-calcium Phosphate Feed Grade is widely used as a source of calcium and phosphorus for humans and animals. In this role, the substance is used as an additive in the preparation of cereal and grain products or purchased as a meal supplement. Di-calcium Phosphate (DCP) is mainly used as a dietary supplement in preparing breakfast cereals, fortified flour, dog food and noodles. It is also used as a Narcotics agent in some pharmaceutical preparations, including some products intended to eliminate body odor. It is used in poultry feed. DCP is also used in some toothpastes for tartar control.


Appearance: White Powder / Granular

Phosphorus (P): 18% Min

Calcium (Ca): 21% Min

Fluorine (F): 0.18Max

Arsenic (As): 10pag / min Max

Below 500uM Sieve: 95.0% (Powder), Size (10-60Mesh) min: 90% min (guanular)Dicalcium phosphate which is soluble in dilute nitric acid(HNO3), dilute hydrochloric acid(HCL) and acetic acid(CH₃COOH), low soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, with low moisture absorption, it starts to lose its crystal water at 90degree centigrade and convert to calcium pyrophosphate above 400degree centigrade. Used to provide mineral nutrition such as phosphorus and calcium, which can be easily digestible and absorbed. It speeds up animals to develop and breed, shortens the period up for animals to fat and increases its weight, breeding rate and survival rate. Meanwhile, it improves the ability of animals against diseases such as chondropathy, dysentery and paralysis etc.