Growing DCP manufacturer company in udaipur

Valiya Group is a dcp manufacturer company in udaipur, which offers high-quality Dicalcium Phosphate in the market. It is otherwise called Calcium Mono Hydrogen Phosphate. Dicalcium Phosphate is utilized as a dietary enhancement in creature nourishment. It is ideal for blending in poultry or steers feed supplement details. 

Industry Structure and Developments. 

The motivation to set up the plant at Udaipur was coherent as Udaipur is the main spot in India to give the best quality crude material, for example, Rock Phosphate, Hydrated Lime, and sulphuric corrosive, all at one spot. Arranged on N.H. 76, our plant is close to the significant western ports of India, for example, Kandla, Mundra, Pippa, and Mumbai port and additionally connected with expansive check railroad line. 

A wide scope of mechanical synthetic concoctions, which discover applications in various enterprises. Our scope of mechanical synthetic substances is pressed appropriately before the last conveyance. Our scope of phosphate is accessible in various syntheses to meet the necessity of assorted businesses. These phosphates are sheltered being used and can be tweaked as far as pieces according to the prerequisite of our clients. Moreover, we offer our scope of phosphate at serious costs. We are notable as mechanical concoction providers. 

DI-CALCIUM Phosphate 

DCP is a diabasic calcium phosphate arranged from phosphate rocks. Moreover, this compound is broadly utilized in the nourishment business as a modifier, support, wholesome enhancement, emulsifier, and stabilizer. 


Our Mono Calcium Phosphate usually found as the monohydrate, Ca (H2PO4)2 H2O dissolves at 109° C and discharges a water atom before softening. These substance mixes likewise called Calcium dihydrogen phosphate Ca(H2PO4)2. 

TRI-CALCIUM Phosphate 

Tricalcium phosphate is a fixing that is intensely utilized across numerous businesses – toothpaste, stomach settling agents, bone joining material, infant powder, water filtration, wholesome enhancements, and clay coatings.