Best DCP manufacturer company in Udaipur

With long periods of experience, Valiya Group as the best dcp manufacturer company in udaipur, has been effectively producing, importing, trading, and trading a wide scope of synthetic concoctions utilized in different enterprises. For example, Phosphate Chemical, Zinc Citrate Chemicals, Inorganic Salts, and some more. 

Moreover, our range incorporates synthetics, for example, Meta Bi-sulphites, Gluconates, and Borates, and adjusts to modern guidelines. Attributable to the quality guidelines, our range is profoundly requested everywhere throughout the world. Also, severe quality checks, simple methods of installments, and straightforward dealings empower us to succeed generally speaking consumer loyalty. 

Utilizing our cutting edge infrastructural office, the most recent innovation, and procedure aptitude we can figure the ideal nature of our scope of synthetics. Besides, we utilize high-grade crude material in the plan of synthetics. Inferable from the tough quality approach, our synthetic substances are unadulterated in the piece and meet the specific necessities of fluctuated customers. 

Item Description 

Different Details: 

  • Dicalcium phosphate anhydrous 
  • Best quality and most serious cost 
  • Also, proficient assistance 

Physical properties:

Whitish powder; Specific weight: 2.220; Soluble in Hydrochloric Acid and Nitric Acid; Slightly dissolvable in water(1.8% at 30°C); Free Phosphoric Acid in it; Deliquescent; Its water arrangement is acidic. 


In the nourishment business, it is utilized as a raising specialist, mixture modifier, cushion, dietary enhancement, emulsifier, and stabilizer, for example, it is applied as a raising operator for flour, cake, baked good, pastry kitchen, as a quality modifier for bread, and singed nourishment. Likewise be applied in the roll, milk powder, drinks, frozen yogurt as a supplement or quality improver. Moreover, in the pharmaceutical business, it is frequently utilized as an added substance in the creation of Calcium tablets or different tablets. Also, in the day by day substance industry-toothpaste, it is utilized as a grinding operator. 

Moreover, in the nourishment handling industry, it is utilized as a Leavening specialist, mixture modifier, buffer, dietary enhancement, emulsifier, stabilizer. Moreover, for example, raising for flour, cake, baked good, heat, twofold corrosive sort flour shading modifier, modifier for seared nourishment. Additionally, utilized as a supplement added substance or modifier for bread rolls, milk powder, a cold beverage, dessert powder. 

Quality Standard: Name of records 

  • Nourishment: Pharma 
  • Appearance: White powder 
  • Measure (As CaHPO4) %: 97.0-105.0 – 98.0-103.0 
  • Fluoride ≤%: 0.005 – 0.005 
  • Misfortune on drying ≤%: 7.0-8.5 – 6.6-8.5 
  • Overwhelming metals(As Pb) ≤%: 0.003 
  • Pb ≤% : 0.0002  
  • As ≤%: 0.0003 
  • Insoluble in HCI ≤% – 0.2 
  • Chloride ≤% – 0.25 
  • Sulfate (SO4) ≤% – 0.5 
  • Carbonate – Test passed 
  • Barium – Test passed 

Capacity and transport: 

Furthermore, it ought to be put away in a ventilative and dry distribution center rather than in the outdoors, avoided water, dampness, and daylight during transport, maneuvered carefully, to maintain a strategic distance from harm to sacks. Besides, it ought to be put away independently from toxic substances. Also, it ought to be put away in a dry and ventilated distribution center and maintain a strategic distance from sundry smells contamination. Besides, daylight and downpour ought to be forestalled during transportation.